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Tanzanian entrepreneur and philanthropist, Dr. Mengi is among a few successful entrepreneurs who started their empires from the ground up.

His business ventures

From a humble background in a small village in Northern Tanzania to one of the most successful businessman in Africa, His story has inspired thousands.

His social ventures

From his annual luncheon with peoples with disabilities to his proactive stance on environmental issues facing Tanzania, Dr Mengi has been a beacon in the society driving change for a better future for all.

His drive towards youth empowerment

Empowering youth has been one of his major venture, using twitter and talking to the youth whenever he can to inspire them.

His book & Legacy

I Can, I Must, I Will - has been a major milestone for Dr. Mengi narrating not only his story but the untold story of the business environment of Tanzania from the 70's and the building of our great nation.

“I have never viewed poverty as a problem but as a challenge. Poverty never pulled me back; on the contrary, it propelled me forward.”
Dr. Reginald A Mengi
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